cashback on fabric craft supplies using ebates

Cashback on Fabric Purchases!

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Did you know that you can get cashback on your fabric and sewing purchases? I didn’t either… until I joined Chances are, you have heard of and have likely purchased fabric and other sewing necessities from them. Did you know that you can make 3% cash back on everything you purchase from their website and others, related to, and not related to, sewing?!

Here’s the skinny on how to get cashback on your sewing stash:

1. Join
It’s that simple! Once you register for an account, you can start earning your rewards. (And if you do any other online shopping, always check prior to purchasing — and prior to adding items into your cart — you can likely get cash back on those items as well!)

cashback on fabric using ebates

2. Use the search feature to find the store you are looking for.
Here are the stores that will be most helpful in feeding your stitch addiction:

  • – Fabrics, notions and patterns. Currently offering 3% cashback.
  • – Fabrics, patterns, yarn, general arts and crafts. Currently offering 1% cashback.
  • – Some fabrics, yarn, notions and general arts and crafts. Currently offering 2% cashback.
  • M&J Trimming – Ribbons, crystals, patches, buttons, trims, and notions. Currently offering 2.5% cashback.
  • – Thread, needles, scissors, stabilizers, and embroidery designs. Currently offering 7.5% cashback.
  • – Fabric, patterns, thread, needles, notions, sewing machines and more. Amazon offers cashback periodically, 0-3%.
  • – Sewing machines, sewing tables, dressforms, irons, stabilizer and gifts. Currently offers 2% cashback.
  • – Sewing machines, sewing storage and sewing machine parts. Currently offering 1.5% cashback.
  • – Fabric, patterns, trims, patches, sewing machines, sewing storage, cutting tables, notions and more. eBay offers cashback periodically, up to 1%.
  • – Sewing patterns, sewing machines, sewing storage, irons and notions packs. Currently offers 1$ cashback.

3. Click through to the store information screen.
Here, your will see current store promotions, including coupon codes that can be used IN ADDITION to your cashback percentage.

Get Cashback on Sewing Yarn Knitting Arts Crafts Supplies Joanns Michaels Using

4. Click the orange “Shop Now” button.
This will take you to the online store. You MUST go through this link to get credit on your account.

5. Add your items to your cart.
Be sure not to navigate away or close your browser tab before you check out. If this does happen, you will need to repeat the process to receive your money back. (Note: We have also noticed that we haven’t received our credit if the item was in our cart prior to opening the store website through the ebates website. If you were shopping and then realized you forgot to open a browser using ebates to get credit, delete the items in your cart, go through ebates and add the items to your cart again.)

6. Check out as you would with any online order.

and that is it! Your cashback will show up in your account. (This typically takes a few hours/days. You can always check your cashback in your account dashboard.

Happy shopping!

Tiffany is an avid sewists who loves to collect fabric and sewing patterns. Although there simply isn't enough time in the day to complete all of her sewing dreams, she is working on her make-list one piece at a time.